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Sunday, October 25, 2009

My fall to do list

Ok, so this is more of a wish to-do list than a to-do list, because I don't have the time to get it done quickly...  Why can't we have magic wands?  'poof' and its done?

Oh well.  I have to remind myself that doing something completely and correctly is more satisfying than having to go back and do it a second time. 

1.  Clean out the hall closet- donate what we don't need, and sell the extra toys that are in there. 
2.  Clean out our closet- I swear its growing!  and not with clothing...
3.  Move my scrapbooking supplies in their own area, and get rid of what I don't use.
4.  Help the kids sell their unwanted/unused toys. 
5.  Decorate the house carefully, instead of just saying, here let's put this on the wall so its not bare!
6.  Hand sew Peanut's quilt, and start J and C's quilts. 
7.  Start making Christmas gifts for close family and friends. 
8.  Make my Christmas wreath for the door. I found it here- http://doehlerdays.blogspot.com/2009/10/halloween-wreath.html
9.  Make some simple decorations for our walls upstairs, especially J's room. 
10.  Clear out the 0/3 month clothes and bring out the 3/6 months.  :_ 
11.  Learn how to make curtains and pillows/pillowcases. 
12.  Make the holiday squared quilt I found at http://bittybitsandpieces.blogspot.com/2008/10/halloween-squared-quilt-pattern.html  I <3 her blog!  Lots of creative stuff to be found there. 
13.  cut up some christmas paper to collage a cardboard tree with the kids.

That's all I can think of for now..