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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

on the road again...!

So... we are in Pickerington, Ohio tonight.  We started out this morning in Clarksville, TN, packing the car in the 34 degree, wind blowing snow in our faces cold (...ahem...  this is where I mention that I wanted to pack the car the day before, when it was 50 degrees and NOT snowing)!  We said our goodbyes to our good friends there, and headed out around 10 am.  Did pretty good, too, only J's Sonic game was left behind, and that was because we couldn't find it.  But it turned up about an hour later, so its in the mail now.  Nothing much happened until we got into Ohio, and it started snowing and being really windy at the same time, and a teenage driver decided he didn't know what he was doing in said snow.   Oh the joys of swerving all over the place! :P

We were able to visit with Squirt, whom we haven't seen in almost 3 years, and boy, do I feel OLD now.  Had dinner with her, and proceeded up the road to the hotel that my mom sent us a voucher for.  Thanks Mom, we scored an executive suite with fridge, microwave and its own living room!  :)  Anyhow, we should be in NY by tomorrow night, so all for now- I need to go to bed!
hehehe... doesn't it look like little J is giving Daddy bunny ears??  :D