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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Well, phooey!

I just finished hanging the load of laundry that was sitting half-dry in our washer/dryer.  I pushed the button to turn it on, to finish drying the clothes.  Nothing.  Hmm.  Tried it again.  Called Jon, who switched the plugs.  Nothing.  Zip.  Zilch.  I'm sure you get the picture by now. 

So, the upshot is, I have a heart-felt thank you to my Mom, who showed me the wisdom in hanging your clothes out on a line a mere 3 weeks ago, and another one to the realty company we are using right now, World Realty (Steve and GiGi are awesome!), who made a call and have a repairman coming tomorrow at 4pm.   :)  Definitely loving this company. 

Not really a downside to this post, because our clothes have been coming out smelling slightly burnt (its a steam dryer), and I don't really have the hang of exactly how long each variously-sized load needs to dry completely.  Ok, well the only downer is that we had to go buy the clothes rack we have now (bought it last week), and we need another couple of sets of hangers.  Which is a bike ride away at the PX, and with 3 cranky kids, will NOT be happening today. 

So, our washer/dryer is plastered with half-dry clothes.  My apartment is halfway to wreck-ville, courtesy of the 5 boxes we picked up at the mailroom today (thanks again, Mom!:) full of some stuff I have yet to find a home for.  Will work on that later- the kids are at the playground with Daddy, and the baby is napping.  Woot!  I call it a win. 

We are getting our furniture in a little over 15 hours!  :D  I already have most of the living room planned, and the kids room, and our room.  The third bedroom/guest room/ schoolroom is being occupied at the moment by friends, but we should be able to fit everything in other places for a few extra days.  Oh, the thought of cups, plates, actual silverware!  And a couch, better yet, even a table for us to sit at for meals!  Woo-hoo!

And on that note, I'm off to browse to Net for a bit, then to take advantage of the quiet to put some things away.  :)

Oh, yeah and I found a Zumba class here!  Squee!  :)  :)  :)


The Frisk Five said...

So when are you going to email us your address :)

Armywife said...

We had the steam dryers in Italy too. I hated those darn things! Always had to empty the container and it was in our small bathroom so everytime we turned it on it made it unbearable to use that bathroom. Oh, I love the new pic of little J! My goodness he is chunky!!