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"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth." 3 John 1:4

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Translation Tuesday

One of the best phrases I have learned so far is, "Do you speak English?"

Yongorul hashimnikka?  *yon gah rule hah sheem neeka*

I said this to a Korean lady last week, and she actually understood me!  It was great.  :)  You probably would have had to have been there, though, to be all excited like I was.  :P

We also learned last week that using the words Adashi and Adjuma is NOT polite and respectful, like we were taught when we first got here.  We were told that its like saying sir and ma'am, because it means uncle or aunt.  But its not.  Its basically the equivalent of saying, hey you, idiot! 
We spent awhile with a lovely Korean couple, and he explained that its only used when talking to someone whom you know for certain is a lower rank than you (miitary wise), or basically the hired help in your house.  And its also reserved for someone you know very well, kind of like saying hey bro! to a friend, I guess. 

Anyhow, I definitely won't be flagging anymore taxi's down by yelling that!  Ooops.  :_ 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy birthday to my babies!

I'm such a bad blogger.  I always forget to post updates on how things are going.  I guess I should attempt to schedule some posts, that way I don't look at the dashboard every morning and think, hmmm its been awhile since I posted!  :) 

Anyhow.  Cait's birthday was Friday- she's 4 now!  So big!  Jacob's birthday is this coming Saturday, and he will be 6.   We decided this year to have one party, at home, since its probably the last year that we can really get away with having the same party for both of them.  We had a slight crisis (our renters are moving out and the company held our rent check with no notice this month), so we made a pinata, instead of buying on.  It turned out cute!  They are pretty easy to make, just mix up some flour and water into a thick paste, get some newspaper strips wet with it, and stick it on a balloon.  :)  (ok, so there's a little more to it, but that's the short version)!

Don't you just love the look on Caitlynn's face, in the first pic with me and Jacob?  :D  I didn't realize she'd done that until I uploaded the pictures.  All in all, it was a great day today.  I got alot of sewing done before the party, most of my Strawberry Shortcake rag quilt is put together.  Now, I have to finish the last strip, and then sew all the strips together, and fringe it all.   I will try to post pictures of that. 

Its the time of year that makes me want to craft... FALL!!  It has started cooling down sooo much in the last week.  We have had our A/C off since yesterday afternoon, and it didn't get too hot, finally.  With our electric bill being over 500,000 won (for the month of August), we are grateful that it is going to be our last ridiculously high bill.  Ayaka and I spent an hour and a half downstairs at the market, talking with a Korean couple that spoke English, learning some of their customs and also that we shouldn't use our Korean dryer!  :P  It seems that it is partly why our electric bill is so high. 

Anyhow, back to crafting.. Blogland has had so many creative posts and tutorials that I'm going insane trying to figure out which ones I can do!  :)  First on my agenda is to make 3 burp cloths, 3 stuffed balls, and a tooth fairy pillow. The cloths and balls are for baby showers I am going to this next week, and the tooth fairy pillow is for Jacob, who is currently working on his 2nd loose tooth!  Who knows, maybe I could sell them, too (the pillow, that is, not Jacob's teeth)!  There seem to be an awful lot of wives around here who are making and selling things.  :) 

We are so blessed to be living over here, it has definitely been a great experience so far!  While a friend and I were out last week, I actually asked a Korean lady if she spoke English (I asked in Korean), and she understood me and answered me!!  I was so excited.. lol..

In other news, our first week of school went great!  We are moving right along, and doing well with our new schedule.  It had a couple of kinks in it, just because of when payday fell (I had to go to Yongsan to get some last minute birthday stuff, and its a 2.5 hour trip there, and another 2.5 hours back, so we were gone all day), and then the next day Jon was home sleeping for an hour or two after CQ and then at the TMC (troop medical center) for xrays of his wrist.  Friday, they sent Jon to Yongsan, to the 121 hospital on base to see an orthopedic doc, because his staphoid bone is broken in half.  He will be having surgery on the 28th to place a pin in it, because not only is it broken, but one half of it is twisted and up away from where it should be. 

Whew.  I think that's about all I can type for now.  Oh, James has all 4 molars coming in at once.. Makes for a cheery household, don't ya think??  :O     Other than that, life is great!  :D