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Friday, April 8, 2011

Catch up posting!

I just noticed its been over a month since I last updated.. Figured I would take a couple of minutes to unload all that has happened since then. 
2/25- My last official function as part of West Casey Chapel- the Newcomer's Orientation Dinner.  Lots of fun, got to mingle with friends and meet some new people.  Shortly after that, Jon decided that we should try a different chapel, so I turned in a resignation of sorts, if you can call it that for a volunteer position! :P

That Sunday we tried out Hovey Chapel, where Jon's battalion chaplain speaks.  It was pretty good!  We had a great time fellowshipping with the people there after church. 

3/5 We went to a birthday party for Calvin- it was their last big thing here, as they PCS'd back to the States shortly afterwards. 
I would just like to state for the record that I really dislike these horns!  Whoever thought it would be a great idea to pass them out to several children at once is insane!! :D
3-8- We took the kids to Little Prince Children's Restaurant.  My fave!  Why don't we have these in America??!?  I should franchise one when we get back.. lol. 

Can you tell he was excited?  He barely stopped long enough for me to snap this!  The food at this place is amazing- peach tea, pomogranate tea, chicken tomato pasta, alfredo, even the pizza is delicious!  And the hot chocolate... well, let's just say that the hot chocolate is responsible for a couple of my extra pounds
from this winter! :D  It is just THAT good. 
All for now, have kiddos to go take care of and a slightly crabby hubby. :D 


Armywife said...

Jacob looks huge!! And I don't know what you did with your baby, but there's a little boy there that looks much to big to be him!!

Amy said...

haha.. yeah, he is 20 months now, and already in 2T clothes. Still kinda chunky and short, so pants are really long on him. :) Jacob lost his third tooth Friday while I was gone- I'll post pictures later. :) Caitlynn... her hair is growing back finally! Still in love with all things stuffed animal-ish. :)

The Frisk Five said...

It's amazing how quickly our kiddos grow up. Isn't funny guys how Bryson is the older of the 3 boys and he is the one with all of his teeth still. My poor boy will eventually lose a tooth :P