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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Picture post

I wanted to share some images from the last few weeks.  I apologize if you've already seen them on my Facebook- my goal is to eventually make a book out of my blog, just for the memento and being able to say I did it. :P  So I post pictures in both places.

Ghetto sledding at its finest!  (Hey, there wasn't enough snow on the hills)!

Catchin some good air! :)

Jamie's turn, courtesy of Daddy

Look at me, Ma!!  No hands!!

Delighted grin

The "yay, I did it and I'm not hurt!' grin

A royal bench at the museum- no shoes allowed!

Jacob writing his name and USA in Hangul

Caitlynn writing her name in Hangul.. poor kid had LOTS of characters to write!

Jamie giving a death glare to the lady that had my camera! :P

My turn!

And everyone knows that eating ice cream off the table makes it taste better, right??  :)

Making a Korean good luck charm out of paper.

Her good luck charm.  They had to color a paper that said what they wanted to be when they were adults, and it is tucked inside.

This is where the boys were the entire time she was making her charm.

Children's art on 3x3 wooden blocks.  Caitlynn was exclaiming, " This one has a CAKE on it!"

Post-it note mosaic

Jacob actually asked me to take this picture. :D

Mirrors on the ceiling are fun!

The number one reason why I LOVe homeschooling, especially in this country- its Thursday around 130pm, and they are learning about the Forbidden Bridge and the Forbidden Stream at Gyungbokgung Palace.  (This stream used to be filled with water (duh), and the bridge they are standing on was the entrance to the palace.  The King required everyone to stop and cleanse their minds with the water from the stream.  Once they had observed this custom, they were able to cross the bridge and continue inside to see the King.  The walls of the palace were not ridiculously high- the King believed that he should be accessible to his people.  (We had a tour guide this time around).

The crazy picture they asked for.

Jamie playing peek a boo around the corner of the same ledge the other two were on above.

And just cause I like it, Jamie peeking at the dessert buffet two weeks ago at the Dragon Hill Lodge, where we participated in the marriage retreat.


The Frisk Five said...

Looks like you guys had lots of fun. Love all the pics, cute. :)