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Friday, March 16, 2012

Last post from Korea

Our last week in Korea has been busy, wonderful, sad, crazy, silly and FULL!!  We have been staying with some wonderful friends since we cleared out of our apartment.  They also have three boys and 2 dogs, so its definitely full over here.  :)  Some different friends are pet-sitting for us, so we didn't have to add that particular crazy to this house.  Tiger is getting along well with their hedgehog.  Wish I had a pic of that!  :D

Anyhow, we were blessed to receive a little over half of our deposit back- they only took out the last month's bills from our original deposit.  Wooohooooo!  We paid for the wallpaper to be fixed three days before they came to inspect, so technically that would have come out of our deposit as well, but hey, it looks great in there!

We've gotten several mementos and some gifts for a few family members and friends that we will be seeing in the coming weeks- I just recently have found the lovely jewelry boxes in the ville and am kicking myself for not getting one earlier.. lol

We sold our van three days ago, and have been walking/cabbing/bussing it- wow, was it really this hard when we first got here??  Whew!  Its definitely an adventure having to carry a car seat all over again.  luckily, Jamie walks now. 

I was able to squeeze in one last newborn session for a friend that delivered 2 days after all our furniture was picked up.  My camera travels with me, and Jon kept the external hard drive.. plus my friend that second shot with me agreed to edit the photos and dumped all of mine onto my drive for me. :D  Good stuff all around. 

I finished my second class for this semester (smack me if I decide to take another class then ends 11 days before an international move, will ya?), and just reminded myself to go check for grades. :P  If my head wasn't attached, I think it would be rolling around somewhere.. probably very dusty by now. 

Anyhow.. I think that's about it.. Need to go to bed, because we are taking our very last trip to Yongsan tomorrow morning.  Going to browse Itaewon (awesome souvenir district) and mail off a couple of last minute packages of souvenirs.. Maybe take the kids to a movie and then head home to double check that everything is packed. Then we head out Sunday morning to catch the bus to the airport.  (Pray for us.. travelling with three kids, a dog and a cat that hates her crate).. Jon has never flown with any of the kids yet.. lol.. should prove to be an interesting ride.. 10 hour flight to CA, an hour layover (woohoo, stretch the legs time!), and another few hours to land in NY around 930pm.  Whew.  Luckily, my dad and uncle are driving 6 hours to bring us our car so we don't have to rent one. 

Last post for about a month!  Going to enjoy having family time with my family then Jon's, then visiting several friends.. and finally on to CO to another wonderful friend whom we haven't seen since Fort Sill!  Jacob and their daughter Tiffany had just turned 1!!

Anyong!!  (Goodbye)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I Heart Faces BW Challenge

Here is my entry for the monthly challenge- Black and White.  This was at a newborn session, by special request of the family.  :)

Photo Challenge Submission