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Friday, June 22, 2012

Colors of summer

Recently, I joined a blog circle, my first one.  The idea is that we all break out of any rut we might be in and shoot in a creative way for each month's theme.  This month is Colors of Summer.  Unfortunately, we never made it to the splash park that I had planned to use for the theme, and the last two days it was only in the mid-70's here, so I'm using an image that I captured of my son on his bicycle.  Since we left Korea this past March, my children have had the opportunity to actually be outside and running, jumping, climbing and riding as much as they want.  It has been fabulous!! :)  The first week school was out, I didn't see the kids until it was dark.  Sometimes dinner wasn't even until 830-9 pm, closely followed by bedtime!

Anyhow, here is what the colors of summer are to us.

This is my actual submission- summer represents a new feeling of freedom. 

This obviously isn't in color, but its our neighbor's daughter and her reaction to her father rolling her into the sprinkler's path. :)

Showing off his italian-iced tongue

The first fishing trip of the summer- my 7 yr old caught this one. 

More Italian ices from the Renaissance Faire. 
Next up in the blog circle is Katie McDuffie Smith, a Killeen photographer.  Click on the link to view her post on the colors of summer.  http://katiesmithphotography.com/killeen-photographer-colors-of-summer/

I hope you enjoy our Military spouse photographer blog circle! :)  Stay tuned for next month's theme!