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Friday, July 20, 2012

July blog circle- TEXTURE

Hello all!  This is my second time participating in the blog circle.  This month, we were supposed to capture texture. I used things around my house, since I am not so creative as to go out and about yet. :)

My daughter's quilt- I was using it as a guide for a new quilt I'm making. 

Fur baby #1- Tiger.  She loves her bed, although she used to hate it. 

Fur baby # 2- Smoke.  More the kids' than mine, even though we got her on my birthday. 

Row of stuffed animals in C's room.  She loves her animals.  

Dresses, robes and dress-up stuff.  

Bright green grass out front.

Please continue on to the next wonderful photographer- Katie Smith!


meredith said...

I want SMOKE! Or I want to bury my face in her/his neck!

Kricia Morris said...

LOVE your kitties! Texture of fur is one of my favorites :)

Unknown said...

Such pretty kitty cats! And I love the simplicity of that last shot of the grass. :)

Amy said...

Thanks, ladies! Smoke was a rescue from the local Humane Society when the Waldo Canyon fires broke out. She was the best one we could have gotten, she's sooo mellow and loves to cuddle. Its only slightly annoying when she stands in front of my computer screen while I'm editing! lol