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Thursday, August 16, 2012

August blog circle- Determination

I thought for a long time about this topic.  I'm not great at seeing creatively. I do think in pictures, as many photographers do.  My mind just automatically seems to think, ooh, take a picture of that!  Or, oh, frame it this way and it'll be a great shot!  But when it comes to photographing something that doesn't really have a specific form.. I'm usually at a loss.  But for this month, determination has taken on a slightly different meaning.

My older two children recently started school, and have left my youngest, the newly turned 3 year old, at home alone with me.

The first two days of school went easily, since we had a friend we knew from Korea and her two kids staying with us.  The weekend flew by, and it was Monday again... So what exactly were we going to do?  We went to my Stroller Strides class, which is a daily thing throughout the week.  But after that, there were no siblings to chase at the park or ride bikes with.  There were only two or three kids that were old enough to play with, but not old enough for school.
This is one benefit- one on one Daddy time!  (Thanks to L and J for his new Lincoln log set)!

Anyhow, he is determined that he is going to 'grow up big and be 5 and ride the bus' (even though we only live one street over from the school, and they walk there and back.. hehehehe).  So almost everything he does, he has to do it like Sissy and Bubba.  Daddy even took the training wheels off his bike!  (And my oldest didn't learn until THIS summer how to ride without those)!

He is DETERMINED to do it!  And I think he will succeed in just about anything he wants to do, unless Mama or Daddy naysay it.. lol.. He is very stubborn and headstrong, this one.  And we cherish him for it, whilst simultaneously banging our heads against the wall and trying to figure out how to discipline without breaking his spirit.  Strong-willed child, yes.  Softy at night or when he gets hurt?  Yes.  Determined?  Definitely.
Just a few more on the topic- we went to the park recently, and Jacob, my oldest, was, yes, you guessed it- determined he would get that basketball into the hoop.  :)
He never quite made it, but he showed how much he's grown up recently by not throwing a fit or crying over not being able to do it.  He was quite happy to be distracted by his friends and siblings.

 Determination on Mom's part will get you silly faces!  :)
 And sometimes, brotherly love.  (You should see the outtakes of these, they are hilarious)! :)
This was him saying "Ta da!" when he made it up the huge rock face to get back to the car. 

Finally, determination will always get you somewhere.  Its up to you to decide which direction you're going. Choose wisely.  :)

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