Learn the dance.. Live the dance.. Teach, talk and dance the dance!

"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth." 3 John 1:4

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Long overdue pictures

So, here are some pictures that we have taken since we left Fort Hood in early February.  Lots of laughter, silliness, snow... We are currently waiting for Daddy to finalize an apartment over in Korea.  The updated amendment to our orders is already being processed, which is what we are waiting for in order to get a flight.  EEEk!   Starting to get excited!

In other news, little J has finally gotten his first tooth!  It took its own sweet time to come through- about a  month total.  (I was wondering about it- he will be 8 months old in 9 days- the other 2 got their teeth alot younger).  Miss C has been having alot of problems with her attitude lately- she actually broke down into hysterical screaming at Walmart today.  First time she has ever done ANYTHING like this.  I think that the Daddy seperation is wearing on her.  (She freaked out because she was in Grandma's cart, not mine, and since she was talking ugly to my mom, she couldn't get out of the cart.  Plus, in her defense, it was naptime, and we should have waited to go, but we had a deadline to get some stuff and drop it off at the church). 
Big J has been doing awesome with his school- his reading is coming along nicely, and he is starting to read words whenever we go out somewhere.  His math drove me crazy all last week, learning the difference between counting by 5's and by 10's!!  We shall not go there again.. lol.   Picture me with my hair all frazzled and my head in my hands.  Plus, has anyone ever come up with a good way to teach sight words?  I was explaining how to pronounce the word 'to', since he said 'toe'.  But then, how would you explain the words too, and two?  This homeschooling thing has stretched my imagination farther than I ever expected it to.  I love how I get to learn right along with him- even if its only a creative definition.  :)

Oh, and tonight at dinner, little J signed 'more' to me!  It was so cute!  He has started to screech at the table each time we eat, when the food doesn't get shoveled in fast enough, or if its something he doesn't like.  So, he screeched, and I scooped up some of my zucchini, and showed him (for the 80 millionth time) the sign for 'more'.  I said it, signed it, and he looked me dead in the eye and slapped his fingers together in just the same way I have been showing him.  :D  So proud! 

Ok, now that my proud mommy moment is over... on to the serious stuff. Ok, I lied- I just found out my best friend is having a girl!!!   Ahhh!  I am soooo going shopping tomorrow!  So cool!  Many blessings and prayers going up for them. 

Anyhow.  Lately, I have been struggling with trying to slow our lives down, get used to not going somewhere all the time, eating healthier, keeping my temper when we are all stuck inside by the weather for days on end, keeping up reading my Bible, working out... the list goes on.  I have realized that nothing is more important (after my relationship with God, then my husband) than spending precious time with my kids.  i have been making a much bigger effort to just plop down on the floor and play.

I don't have any eloquent words that will make this sound perfect.  I'm not perfect.  I lose my temper, holler at the kids, get frustrated when I have to explain things over and over (and over).  Daily, I wish I would have done things better.  And I am noticing, that each day, I am doing a tiny bit better at holding my calm, or playing with each kid.  And I give all the credit to God.  Lately I have been praying much more, and at many more times during the day.  Only he can give me the strength, patience and knowledge to get through the day He has given me.  :)

Things are going to be changing around here... so hang on for the ride!