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Thursday, April 1, 2010

The final stretch

We are in the final stretch!  The amended orders should be finished by Monday, and then all my wonderful hubby has to do is go to transportation and get tickets for the kids and I.  Which means a- I'm starting to get nervous about this, and b- I have to start packing stuff up!!
We thought we would be here through the month of May, so I bought some small stuff to keep the kids occupied outside and in.  Plus all of our school stuff, some of the stuff J left here before he left, etc.  I need to start boxing things up and getting them ready to ship.  Luckily, because of our orders, we are each allowed two suitcases.  That means that most of the books and papers can come with us, since they are flat.  I have pared down all of our wardrobes and gotten rid of things that don't fit well, or just plain don't fit anymore.  Sadly, I donated it all, but I was only sad because little J didn't get to wear some of the awesome clothes I had.  He grew too fast!  I think he's closing in on 22 pounds now.  He is trying to pull up on just about everything lately.  He managed to climb two of the porch stairs while we were outside today (it was gorgeous here today), and proceeded to scoot around and eat grass, dirt and bugs!  My other two have just come inside from playing in the ginormous dirt pile out front.  (C is in the bath as we speak). 

I'm really looking forward to being finished with the 15 hour plane ride, seeing Daddy again, seeing our new apartment for the first time, and getting to unpack, get settled and start sight-seeing!  We also have a friend who is flying over to see her significant other for the last two weeks of May, so we hope to be there to see her, too. 
I mentioned last post that things would be changing.  And that change will extend overseas, as well.  We will be going through EVERYTHING that was packed up, and if we don't have an immediate use or need for it, it will be donated.  Somewhere, somehow, someplace.  Even if I have to put it on the curb of the apartment building.  There is no use having it if we don't use it.  I'm tired of clutter making me feel like I never clean enough. 
We will also be buying only a week's worth of food at a time (instead of 2-3 at a time), one set of cleaning supplies (as opposed to buying a seperate one for the bathroom, kitchen, anywhere, etc), doing laundry on a schedule, and probably lots more.  I will be cooking more from scratch (you might hear of the dishes that I've ruined from experimentation soon!), and since our apartment has a tiny greenhouse room, we are going to try our hand at growing some produce.  Probably tomatos and zucchini, since those are easy.

Speaking of the apartment- Jon says its awesome!  We will be the first tenants to live in it, as the building just opened.  The only downside to that is the construction that will still be going on all around the outside and inside of the building.  We are on the top (15th) floor, which gives us vaulted ceilings, and a pretty glass chandelier.  Outside, we have a small balcony, which will probably give me heart attacks until I know the kids won't try to climb the 4 foot fence.  It is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath place, and from what Jon tells me, it is a bit small, but will fit us just fine.  (Here is where the downsizing comes in handy).  If we had known that we could borrow furniture for the time we spent here, we would have left most of ours in storage.  But, hindsight is always 20/20.  Enough for now, I have one freshly bathed toddler to snuggle with, and a baby to nurse, while the oldest takes his bath. 
I truly am blessed.  :)