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"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth." 3 John 1:4

Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday, the snow day...

It really only gave a few half-hearted flurries this afternoon... but still, I thought it was gone, since it was 75 yesterday!  Did I bring Texas weather to the North Country??

I have a sick kiddo on my hands.  He started feeling ucky yesterday with a headache, then a sore throat, and a stiff neck.  Gave me a bit of panic over that, but it was just because he'd been having his Wii time, and hadn't really been moving around alot.  Progressed to a fever before I left for my class last night, so I gave him Tylenol.  He was wide awake at 324 this morning asking for a drink.  He proceeded to slam it back so fast that it made him vomit as I was getting his medicine.  Luckily, we were still in the bathroom.  I felt so bad for him!  He's throwing up and got bad chills all at the same time.  He managed to keep a small glass of water down, as well as the motrin.  He came in a little while later saying that he was closing his eyes and having bad dreams.  I prayed with him and reminded him that he could talk to Jesus when he felt scared or sick. 
This morning, he came in my room and the first thing out of his mouth was. "Mommy, I prayed and told Jesus to make my sore throat go away, and he did it!"   
:)   I guess we still have to work on the whole asking, not telling thing...

Anyhow.  I was able to talk with Jon last night and again this morning, and it sounds like he won't be able to do anything about an apartment until he gets out of the field at the end of the month.  I guess I will post more about our flight dates as I know details, because we are still stuck with the 30 day limit, since there are no beds available for us to use until our stuff comes in.  Here's my question- how come the military doesn't care about what the soldiers and families sleep on when they PCS (permanent change of station, meaning a move) stateside and have to wait for their stuff to come in?  Why the big fuss just because we are in a different country??  Plus, the beds that are available stateside aren't even real mattresses, they are thin little foam things.  Air mattresses are much better, to my way of thinking.  But oh well, I will not argue with them, I can't change anything by being bad tempered about this.  And I refuse to waste my time like that.

The class I attended last night was the free Financial Peace University class offered by Dave Ramsey.  It was absolutely awesome!  It is actually a 13 week class, and you are supposed to purchase the kit (the class is free, but you have to have this stuff in order to attend).  Well, the church purchased them at a discounted rate, just about half price, and when the lead couple found out I would only be here for a few weeks, and probably wouldn't come back because of that and the fact that I can't really afford the kit, they gave it to me.   All they ask is that later on when I can, that I pass it on to someone in need.  I can totally do that!  This class is awesome, and its only been the first one.  I'm excited to get to read the Financial Peace Revisited book that's included. 

One last thing- I borrowed a book from the local library, and its one that is astounding me, and I'm only into the second chapter. 
The Way of Boys, by Anthony Rao, Ph. D 
It talks about how boys need more time to physically and emotionally mature, and how medication should not always be the first answer.  And about the crazy things that boys can do!  It sounds very promising as a good read, and much learning should ensue from it.  I will post more as I get more into it.

And for tomorrow... hopefully a homeschool review on Sonlight Curriculums!