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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Woo and two hoos!!

I completely forgot to post this yesterday.  I had emailed the lady that was so helpful about the situation with our household goods on Sunday.  Yesterday, I received an email from a company informing me that the estimated time of arrival in country for our HHG will be 14 May!!  Yes!!  This means that the kids and I can fly over very, very soon.  In fact, if everything works out like my hubby's NCO says (who's with me on the skeptical side of this?), he should be going to housing and transportation in just a few hours.  Which should mean, hopefully, that we will have airline tickets and a set date by the end of this week.  Or at least that's what I'm praying for.  The realtor had called Jon that same day, to let him know that they had another top floor apartment that would be finished around the same time that he got out of the field.  So, since he is supposed to be done today, I'm hoping that he can get things settled with them, too. 

God is awesome!  He answers prayers, even if it isn't when or how you wanted it. 

In other news, I have found that 5 days of Zumba in a row isn't going to work.  I'm disappointed, but my kids come first.  Little J screamed his head off for about 30 minutes today, crawling around and looking for me each time Mom put him down.  So, I'm scaling back, and only going to the classes that I really like, and I will probably either do AbJam at home on the other two days, or half of the P90x Ab Extreme.  I don't think I've lost actual weight, but I can tell that the Zumba class is doing some good things for my legs.  :) 

That's about all I can think of, so more later.