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Thursday, April 8, 2010

8 months old! and I received my first canvas yesterday!!

Little J is 8 months old today!  (As of 606 am this morning, to be exact). 
He is mostly crawling, still inch-worming but adding in a few hand and knee coordinated crawling paces.. lol.. if that even made sense!  He weighs in around 21 pounds, has one tooth, with another coming through, and spends his days either scooting around following his siblings, or pulling up and cruising on anything that will hold his weight.  I swear, he'll probably get the hang of walking before he completely learns crawling! 

Kinda sad that Daddy is missing some of these firsts, but he is working hard on getting us over there.  The army has decreed that we cannot fly over there until our household goods get there, since there are no beds available to borrow.  So, after several phone calls and emails, I now know that our goods will be released and shipped from Hood on the 14th.  Which means we should be able to get tickets, now that we know a date of release... So, please pray that that's what will happen.  We have a friend flying into Korea to visit her significant other on the 18th, and we are really hoping to have a place for her to stay, so she can avoid having to pay a ridiculous amount of money to stay in lodging. 

And I received my first order from The Canvas People (http://www.canvaspeople.com/), and IT.IS.AWESOME!!
My mom laughed and asked me why I chose this particular shot, but I love it, and am proud of it.  Plus, who wants all the pictures on their walls to be serious or formal shots??  Not me!  I want cute, fun, hilarious and some formal.  Plus, none of the ones that I really wanted would fit on the size canvas that was offered (and since it was free (I only paid shipping), I didn't want to enlarge it).  Yes, the picture of the canvas looks a little funny, since its tipped back and there are snowflakes in the actual canvas.  Makes it look dusty, but I swear its not.. lol