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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Down on the farm

Last Tuesday, we were privileged to be able to visit a local farm owned by some friends from church.  Lewis and Deb from Kiffer Farms were generous enough to let me (and the kids!) follow them around for an afternoon, so we could see what goes on on a dairy farm. 

I love this sign.  Just had to take a picture of it!
We started off by petting the older calves that were out in the field, waiting for dinner time. 
(There was a picture of me, too, but I get to choose what to put on here)!

We went to the dairy shed next, where around 60 ladies were waiting to be cleaned and milked.
Behind the rows are where the calves are, and at the back of the shed is where the barn cat has its litter.  I think that was Caitlynn's favorite part, aside from the sink.  :)
A 5 day old baby.  They can get pretty excited, so it was hard to keep the kids quiet around them, because they were dancing all around and flailing tails and hooves.  The kids thought they were dancing. We got to see how they pull milk from the tank into huge bottles, which are then heated up in a sink full of hot water until they are warm enough to feed.  We helped them carry it out, and before we were finished going down half the line, the first babies were finished!  They drink a gallon a day! 
Caitlynn helped Deb wash the bottles and nipples after feeding time, and ended up spending the rest of the time playing in the sink with bubbles!  She was soaked, but happy.
One of the younger calves turned out to be getting sick, it was noticed because she didn't finish her second bottle.  We got to see how calves get meds, and learned that when cows get sick, their ears get cold.  Also, their hair stands on end, kind of like when humans get goosebumps. 
Cait taking Jacob for a walk on the mule.

We had a great afternoon, and ended up staying way past dinnertime, because I kept asking questions.  The cows go on a 60 day break after they calve, in order to rest. 
Did you know that some cows can give up to 50 pounds of milk in just one milking?? 
Can we say OUCH?

We also tasted the milk, which was awesome.  I thought that it would taste kind of funny, but its almost exactly like vitamin d milk, just a little more creamy.  Jacob liked it, but Cait was in a mood, and didn't taste it. 
Every day since we visited, Cait asks if we can go to the red barn farm.. lol  They just had a litter of puppies on Friday, so I can definitely see another visit coming soon. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing the farm through our eyes!