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"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth." 3 John 1:4

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I keep wishing all of a sudden that we weren't moving overseas.  It started a couple of months ago, right after Jon left.  I have been reading lots of different blogs, and found several that seem to be tugging at my heartstrings. 
I wish that I had gone on a mission trip when I was younger.  Check out http://www.wearethatfamily.com/ for details about her time in Africa recently with Compassion Bloggers.  You'll have to read last month's postings, I think. 

I wish that we were going to be living in the same spot for awhile, so that we could have a garden, and probably a dog, too.  The gardening part is more about wanting to eat healthy, fresh food, instead of processed junk.  The farmer's market in a nearby town opens this weekend, and I really want to go at least once before we leave.

I wish that we didn't have to uproot our kids anymore, but sadly, that comes with military life quite often.  Last week at the park, there was chocolate lab that came to visit.  She stayed right by me almost the whole time we were there, and when she wasn't next to me, she was sitting near one of the kids or babies.  Definitely makes me miss our dogs that we had.  But it won't really be a good option for us to get a dog until we know we are stabilized somewhere for more than a year. 

I want my life to be simple.  Once we arrive in Korea, I plan to seriously go through all of our things, and we will be getting rid of what we don't need, use or want.  Toys, clothes, household items, everything.  I don't want to break my back trying to constantly clean a house full of clutter.
The older I get, the more it seems that I am being just like my mom... lol.. who'd have thought that I would say that??  Last week, I heard myself telling Jacob that if he was going in the kitchen, to take his cup with him, so he wouldn't have to make two trips.  I'm trying to find a balance between buying things we need, versus things I THINK we need. 

This post is really all over the place.  Random thoughts that are going through my head.  If you're still reading, thanks.  Let me know what your wishes are.  Then tell me if you have a plan to make any of them a reality! :)