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Saturday, July 24, 2010


Note to self, its not smart to walk across freshly paved (within the last 30 minutes) asphalt with flip flops on.  Jon called a taxi to Happy Telecom (where we get our phones), so we ran over there, only to find that they are paving the road right in front of it.  So we walk down the street rapidly, and I'm stupid enough to say, "Well, I saw some ladies crossing it, so it can't be that bad."  

Famous last words, huh?

So Jon takes the stroller and runs with Jacob across, leaving me with Caitlynn.  We make it to the middle of the strip, where my flip flop promptly gets stuck down, and I step down onto the asphalt.  OW. 

The traffic begins to move again, and I grab my shoe and try to run to the other side without getting us killed. 

So, now that we are home, I cleaned most of the tar off my foot, and luckily, only one area is swollen and blistered in a tiny spot. 



Armywife said...

I gotta tell you I am cracking up imagining you and Cait running across the street and you trying to get you flip flop unstuck before you get mowed down! Too funny!