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"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth." 3 John 1:4

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

quick drive by

Gotta make this quick, in case Daddy can't settle little man down!

Sorry for the lack of attention my blog has had- its kinda busy around here these days!  :P  I suck at remembering to post things on a certain day, so I think a couple of hours of writing posts and scheduling when they got out is coming due. 

Tomorrow, I get to go out, all by myself, and go to AFTB level 1 training.  (Army Family Team Building, for you non-military peoples).  The LtCol actually gave Jon the next two days off, so he could stay home with the kids.  (insert jaw drop here).  Yes, he actually got the time off.. lol  So from 9am to 4pm tomorrow and Thursday, I get to learn and re-learn all sorts of fun things, most of which I probably already heard about or knew, but I'm sure there's tons of things I don't know about.  And probably some overseas specific items, too, that I wouldn't have a clue about.  I'm excited, I get to talk to adults!  :P 

Caitlynn had her first dance class since last November today.  Well, if you can call two little girls a class.  We have found an instructor who is graciously giving lessons each week for a drastically reduced price, in her apartment.  Works out pretty well, cause she doesn't have furniture yet, and there is lots of beautiful wood flooring.  Here are a couple of pictures from class-

I absolutely adore the one of Anya and Caitlynn pirouetting together.  <3

Now all we have to do is get Dakota (Anya's brother) and Jacob enrolled in the local TaeKwonDo class!
They actually pick up and deliver the kids to and from the school, how awesome is that?  And its supposedly 120,000 won a month, for class every.single.day.  That's about $95, or around $3.50 per day.  Woot!

Oh, and just because my dad won't believe me when I tell him how big the omlettes at Chong's are:

Jon couldn't finish his breakfast!  He took the omlette home and ate it for dinner that night.  And that whole meal was about $5. 

Our kitten Tiger, a couple of days before he passed on.

my pretty and organized school shelf!
Caitlynn passed out after a full day of shopping in Yongsan.  This was about 15 minutes into the train ride home, and she stayed asleep for the whole 1.5 hour ride. 

Anyhow, since I get to leave the house tomorrow, I'm going to go snuggle up to my honey, and try to not leave him a to do list!  :P