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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Can't wait for payday!!

In one of my recent posts, I mentioned that I was moving my school room.  Well, the stuff is all in there, but its playing heck with my organizational skills.  I will be ordering 2 6 foot craft tables on Tuesday, one for the kids and one for me.  I figure that each kid can have 3 feet of space to work at, and on either side of the table, they will each have one of their workboxes.  My table, likewise, will have sewing on one half, and paper crafting on the other.  I need to rearrange how everything is stored, also.  Right now, the closet space on one half of the wall is school books and some supplies.  I also have a 3 drawer plastic bin tucked in there, holding all the wooden blocks, the trios and the marble race pieces, and a small shelf that holds their markers and some paper, and Cait's tot trays.  
The tables will allow me to get rid of the really heavy wooden school desk that we have, and the little tikes plastic table that the kids are currently using.  Added bonus- the table is much higher than what they use for playdough, so the baby won't be able to grab things off the edge as easily.  Maybe I won't walk in to a stream of playdoh all across the floor and under everything! :D  I can hope, right?

In other news.. lol. I'm getting hungry.  Not really news, but I'm giving my friend the local pizza number, and staring at the menu is making me realize its almost 430pm here.  I was reminding her also not to try to tip the guy that delivers the pizza.  It flusters them, and they don't really know what to do.  They just hand it back and say no, no. 
I did learn from our taxi driver last night that Koreans have many different ways to say please.  Which way you say it depends on the situation you are using it in.  Sometimes it translates as 'Give me this, yes?' and other times its totally different.  I really need to haul my rear into ACS and take the Korean class they offer once a month.
Anyhow, the time has come for me to get off the computer and go fix dinner.  See ya later! :)