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"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth." 3 John 1:4

Friday, August 27, 2010


I watched Letter to God tonight, and it made me cry.  No surprise there.  But Jacob climbed up and watched the last few minutes of it, and when he turned to me at the end, with big, tear-filled eyes, and said,"Mommy, I will be sad if you die!  There will be only Daddy left.  And there will be three boys and one girl!", I had to hug him so he wouldn't see me start bawling.  After which we had a short little conversation about loving God and how only He knows when each person will die.  I hope that my last sentence sticks with him. I told him in his life he should love God, love other people, and try his best.  And that when God says its time for him to die, that if he loves Jesus and has Him in his heart, he will be in heaven with all the other people who love Jesus. 

And in true child fashion, he said,"I know, Mommy." and promptly started talking about something else.  :) 

These last couple of days, Jon and I have been talking about making some changes.  I keep thinking of my Proverbs 31/Titus 2 friend (you know who you are:), and her example that her kids come first, not what we think we should be doing.  We have been playing outside each night alot, except in the last couple of weeks when its been rainy more often, and we've been busy.  I think we are going to go outside earlier and not stay so long, then come in earlier so we have more time for reading a book before bed. 

The other day, we just stayed inside and enjoyed our children.  We played Duck Duck Goose, Ring Around the Rosy, and just let the kids climb all over us.  Then, Daddy and the kids made cookies, and we all colored.  Simple things, really, that meant so much to our kids. 

So this leads me to ask:  looking back, what are the things from childhood that really stand out to you?What experiences do you want to create for your children? 

I want my children to know, above all, that they are loved, are our biggest blessings and a joy to us.  I want them to be open and honest with us, and to like including us in their lives as they grow and mature.  I want them to love God and others, and be well mannered, mature and respectful.  And lots of other things.

What do you want for your kids?


Armywife said...

I want my kids to know I love them and there's nothing in this world that they can't come to me about. I want my kids to appreciate the joy of having two parents while learning to respect the reason why one of them is always gone. I want my kids to understand the love God has for them. I want my kids to be happy.