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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween on the other side of the world

We are so spoiled over here!  We might not be able to trick-or-treat like we do back in the States, but we've never been able to leave candy on the doorstep and go out with our kids together.  This year, we found a friend that has a teenager, so she said she would hand out candy for us. 
We live in a set of buildings called Viva Family (Shinchang Viva), and we are in the 100's buildings.  There is a group of 6 buildings in the 100's, 2 in the 200's, and 4 in the 300's.  We went to each building (families sit on the steps in front of each building to hand out candy) in the 1 & 200's.  The event was supposed to start at 7pm, but at 642, I could already hear screams and shouts and giggles through closed windows (and even though we live on the 6th floor- it echoes pretty well between the buildings).  When we started out, there were only a few other families, but boy, did they POUR outside a few minutes later. 
Anyhow, we walked around for about 20 minutes, hitting each building.  Take a look at the haul we got!

Here are a couple of photos from Saturday night's Trunk or Treat, sponsored by West Casey Chapel.  They had free hotdogs and chips, a few nice games, paint the pumpkins, a bounce house climber, and lots of trunks to get a treat from.

Happy Halloween!