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Monday, October 11, 2010

Busy as bees

Well, the man has been on convalescent leave for two weeks now, and my house definitely shows it! :)

I find it really hard to get motivated when he is sitting on the computer playing a game, or browsing the internet.  I find that I get all my work done when he takes the kids outside for an hour or so- peace and quiet!  :P

Lately, we have been running around getting errands done, and going to meetings.  We recently started attending West Casey Chapel for Sunday service (by recent I mean we have gone twice now).  Yesterday, I volunteered to be the outreach coordinator (what the heck was I thinking)???  I have had a couple of moments where my gut clenched and I thought, oh no, I've bitten off more than I can chew, I have no clue what I'm doing!!! 
Today I made a detailed list of what I need to do for each thing that I have either volunteered for, or decided to do.  Just for my own accountability, here's what's on my plate for the next month or two:

Partylite- I have started selling as a consultant again.  My first show will be this next Sunday, and the other 5 shows will quickly follow.  After that, it will just depend on how many people will host for me as to how busy I will be. 

Haunted House for Jon's unit- I am helping to decorate, plus setting up a photograph station for the families.  We will sell each pic for a small amount, to help in fundraising.

Church- As stated before, I am the outreach coordinator.  This means that each monthly fellowship time is mine to organize, as well as any get togethers during the month.  I decide what the chapel will offer (main dish or a meat, plus plates, cups, etc) each month, food-wise.  I also have to send out emails asking for volunteers to bring sides and desserts. 

Craft bazaar-  There will be a craft bazaar in a little over a month.  Wives can rent a booth to sell their homemade items.  So far, my list of things to display is a photography collage, Family Rules Canvas, Boo blocks, Thankful blocks, name blocks, decoupaged picture frames, and a couple of different banners.  Some of these things I already have made, some things are on my list to do soon.  Tonights craft will be getting started on the name blocks.  I will post pics when I get them done. 

Phew.  If you made it to the end of this, thanks!  This was more of a empty-my-brain type of post than an interesting one, but hey, I feel MUCH better now.  :D
Thanks for listening!


Danielle Rozell said...

I love it. hey if you need help or want to get together to do sewing projects let me know