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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sing, sing, sing!

Or at least, that's what I'm doing right now.  There are tons of other little things that I should be doing.. like

folding the massive loads of laundry that are taking over my bed...washing dishes... finding my desk underneath the paper and bills and books and random items that are hiding it.. I think they're planning to ask a ransom for it!

Its a cool and rainy day outside, which effectively has cancelled my shoot for this afternoon.  And I don't have the motivation to get up and DO anything.. until I put on my music.  I listen to a great mix of some of the latest Christian artists, and its just uplifting enough to get me off my rear.  :)

In other news, Jon came through his surgery with flying colors.  We left Monday night to travel down to Yongsan, and stayed at the Dragon Hill Lodge.  It was a nice little room, very reasonably priced($79), with CABLE TV!!  :D  More channels than we get with AFN at home
Nice chandeliers!

You have to stick the key card in this in order to turn on the lights and air for the room.  When you leave and take it out, they automatically turn off.  Neat!

View from our room.

Lobby area.

So, the night before, Jon called and was told to report at 0930 for prep.  Well, they called us at 0620, wanting to know why we weren't there yet!  Apparently there was a huge miscommunication somewhere.  We got there a few minutes after 7am, and they immediately converged on Jon, getting him changed, Id'd and asking all the routine questions. 

Then they took him back and got his IV started, and the pressure cuffs on.

This is about an hour after his surgery, immediately after he got out of recovery.  This is when they called me and said I could come back and see him.  He had a slighly hard time shaking off the anesthesia, he kept forgetting to breathe!  The O2 monitor would flat line and stay that way for three cycles or more and hit 0, and I'd have to touch his arm and wake him up to get him to breathe.  The nurses didn't seem too concerned, although one did tell me that in recovery they were joking him that they'd already taken the tube out of his throat, and HE was the one supposed to be breathing now. :)

Pasty white!  His blood pressure kept going down, I think the lowest was 116/53 or something like that. 

He stabilized pretty well by lunch time, so we headed out.  Only to have him dash for the nearest bathroom to get sick.  that happened a couple more times while he tried to get out from under the anesthesia effects.  It was a long day. :)  We took the bus home, though, and he was able to sleep.  We stopped at Hovey and turned in his paperwork (he's on convalescent leave for 30 days, and a dead man's profile til 17 December). 
He's doing pretty well, even though its killing him that he can't take off this cast, and pretty much can't do alot of things he could do with the other cast.  He goes back on October 6 for a checkup and to get the stitches removed if they are ready. 

I have been being crafty lately!  There are tons of projects swimming around in my head, so stay tuned, and hopefully I will have some of them featured soon.