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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Catching up on my December Dailies

PSE didn't want to work for me the other night, which is why I blogged just the photos. But it has been working now, so here are my last two days, and today's pages.

I'm pretty sure that we will have a few more pictures when we decorate the tree after dinner, but I haven't decided if I will scrapbook them or just post them.
So far, the kids really like the felt tree- they get to stick and re-stick all the decorations.  Alpha (local Korean craft store) sells ready made kits with various items in it.  I swiped the Santa with a sleigh, and 2 little houses.  Next time I think I might go get the snowman, and we will cut out our own ornaments, too. 

Well, the manicotti is ready, so off to eat.  Then we will decorate the tree, and I plan to make some yummy coconut macaroons for dessert. :)
Maybe I'll even get around to sewing my Christmas pillow cover. Hehehe..