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"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth." 3 John 1:4

Friday, December 30, 2011

A breakthrough of sorts

"The child who craves social interaction the most, may be the very child we need to protect the most from peer dependence. "  (Credit will be given at the end of the blog).

The sentence resonated with me.  I have been on the homeschool fence yet again, because I am struggling with a HUGE case of Mommy-guilt.  Caitlynn likes her school so much, the toys we don't have here, the friends, the painting abilities (cause mommy doesn't want to deal with the mess that accompanies everyone painting...namely a two year old brother..), the sense of independence... 

Through reading this article, and a couple more like it, I have realized that my fears about homeschooling are only because I am a product of the education system.  It is so ingrained in me that I try to make sure my homeschool will line up perfectly with any school in the States (which is impossible, since none of those school are alike).  I worry about when I should teach a certain subject, instead of realizing that as my kids ask questions or read new things, they will find out the information when it matters to them, and when they will be more likely to retain it.  Let's face it, I don't remember much of the schooling I memorized back then. 

"How much worse spending the best of one’s waking hours in a government school which teaches us to ignore God all day long, among teachers who cannot even mention God’s name; and among students who, if they do mention God’s name, do not mention it with reverence."

Another one of my pros for HS.  I want my children to know that God has everything in His hands- that everything we have and are is from Him.  What better way to teach this than to have them at home where I can explore with them and teach them what the Bible says about situations, people or places?

"Our children are to be well-honed in God’s commandments, sharp and accurate in applying them. Sharpening our children helps keep us sharp as well."

I know this is more about teaching our children God's ways, but it also made me think about how excited I am that I will get to refresh my memory on so many things that my kids will learn in the next year. 

Source-  http://www.triviumpursuit.com/articles/7_und_trs_hsing.php 
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Anyhow, I just had these thoughts racing around in my head as I read, so I thought I would set them down so I could re-read in a few months.  (Most likely when I will need a pick-me-up, or have a day where I wonder why I decided to homeschool).  :D