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Friday, December 23, 2011

Let it snow! :)

Ok... so I made it further through the December Dailies than I thought I would.  Life got in the way, as usual, and while I continued to take pictures, I never had time for a whole week to sit at the computer.  None of them got edited or put onto a cute page, so I'm jumping back in with yesterday's. :) 

A little backstory-  we were down in Yongsan (1.5 hours south, close to Seoul) at the PX eating lunch, and a lady came up, bearing a business card.  She asked if she could take our children's pictures (which isn't uncommon here, although it doesn't really happen that much).  Its not awkward like it would be in the states.. lol.. Anyhow, she takes a few iPhone pics and asks me to email her some good pictures of them later.  Turns out, she's a modeling rep looking for children to do clothing photos.  lol.. She points straight at Jacob and says, " I have an OshKosh shoot, and he is the perfect size and age, could you come to Yongsan soon?"   (Insert dropped jaw here). 

Anyhow, about an hour later, Jacob and I were heading to meet Jon and the other two in the book section of the PX, when a second lady came up behind us and did the same thing, just from a different agency! :D

I got a call on Wednesday, actually, because they had a toddler shoot the next day, but the one lined up was slightly sick, and they needed a backup.  They needed us there at 7am, though, which wouldn't be possible, since Jon has the car that early in the morning.  Also, I'm lazy and didn't want to get up at 5am to catch a train with 3 sleepy kids at 530am.  EEk!

So anyhow, these are the pictures that I'm going to email to both ladies (NOT on the scrapbook page, though)!  :D