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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December Daily 6

Here is what we did today!  We started out early by taking the kids to school (shoot me, I wanted to sleep in, and NO ONE was awake at 715 when I stumbled out.  They have to catch the bus at 725- not happening this morning). Then I came home, took Jon back to work, and headed to the Ed center to find out that my college was closed today.  Urg.  Picked up Rachel, went back to the school, filled out alternate guardian paperwork (yet another reason I'm starting to hate dealing with this school), and finally headed out for CRC (another Army post about 30 mins away).  Get there early, stop at the 3 story Daiso, find flat tire on the way out.  Gah.  Change tire (picture included at the end.. lol), meet with client (booking for a newborn session), go to McDonald's for lunch (HEAVENLY)!  BACK on post, this time to the gas station (can we say $3.98 per gallon for diesel, instead of 1,716 Korean won per LITER?) and to the vet's office for Rachel to pick up paperwork.  Whew.  Then, looking for my college branch located on this post, we stumble on the thrift store, which is (gasp) open!  My friend found a jogging stroller for $15!!  I got a pair of new sneakers for James for $3, two pairs of fleece lined overalls for James (score!), and a new pair of jeans for Cait, since she has busted the knees of almost every single pair of jeans.  Oh, and two new kids books and a pair of jeans for Jon (for $.50!!).  We decided to skip the commissary, since we now had three cranky children (ages 1, 2 and 4).  On the way home, they all crashed.  Surprise, surprise.. lol
Anyhow, we barely make it in time to get Jacob from the bus, and she calls to let me know they won't let her get him off the bus. I am literally 2 minutes from home, and she said the monitor wouldn't talk to me on the phone, and that since she already called the school, she HAS to return Jacob to the school.  GRRR.  So I turned at the light I was at, and made it to the school in 3 minutes, where the VP tells me that since it wasn't the correct stop (we use the bus stop at the 200's buildings, and she was at the second bus stop at the 300's, where she lives, which is about 200 yards away from ours), that it was for safety concerns, and the transportation policy states that children can't get off at a different stop.  Well, I read the policy when it was given to me back in August, and don't remember reading that at all.. so I asked them to email me the policy. Phooey. 
Anyhow, we play at home for about an hour (me folding laundry and straightening my room, the kids decompressing with a bit of Nick Jr.com and horsing around with each other)... Go pick up Jon, go to the tree ceremony, come home, eat dinner, and the kids were in bed half an hour later. :)  Jamie put himself to sleep tonight with barely any fussing.  WOOHOO!!  Its been a struggle to get him to stay in his bed and not ask to nurse every 5 minutes.  (and as I write this, I went to my room to get my phone, and found him stretched out under the covers on MY pillow, in my bed.. :D oh well, at least he put himself to sleep, right?).

Ok, I think my ranting is over.. I've run out of things to recap for myself. :)  Now, for the pictures.

Jacking up the van.
Happy December, ya'll!  I hope you're having fun this holiday season! :D