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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tile coasters, an art caddy and more name letters.

I had to let my stamped coasters dry overnight.  I decoupaged some Christmasy paper onto another set of coasters, and will mod podge them in the morning.  Then I will cover both sets with spray varnish (assuming its not too windy outside again).  And then I will have two gifts!  Yay!  Now to figure out who gets what.  I guess I should make a list one of these days... I also found a great recipe for mocha sugar body scrub.  Plan to try that soon, once I can get my hands on some cocoa and olive oil. 

I am currently waiting for HL to have some of the wooden letters I need to complete a couple of projects.  As it stands, I need an S and an O.  One for a friend's daughter, and the other for my christmas JOY hanging. 

One more kid friendly DIY project- lazy susan art caddy.  I will come back with the link where I found it, once I can find it again.  I think it was part of Just a Girl's I can Make That party.  Anyhow, I'm excited to get started on all of these ideas.. I should probably put up a to do list on my sidebar, so I can cross it off when I get it done!  :P

What's your favorite Christmas tradition?